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Add games & roms from a network drive to RetroArch

I like running RetroArch from any PC connected to the network, so I installed it on my NAS. But it won’t allow you to load roms/games from a NAS or network drive by default. You can only navigate through your local drives like C:/ D:/ etc.

How can we select roms/games in RetroArch which are stored centrally on the NAS?

This trick only works if your RetroArch installation directory is also located on your NAS. (Example: \\NAS\Games\RetroArch )

  1. Create a new directory in your RetroArch installation directory and name it “Roms” (or whatever you like)
  2. Create sub-directories per console and fill it with your ROMS. You should end up with this kind of situation:
    • \\NAS\Games\RetroArch\Roms\SNES\roms.smc
    • \\NAS\Games\RetroArch\Roms\N64\roms.z64
  3. Now open the file retroarch.cfg with text editor and find this line: rgui_browser_directory
  4. And change its value to: rgui_browser_directory = “:\Roms”
  5. Save the file and start RetroArch

This changes the ‘default starting position’ whenever you want to browse for files or directories in RetroArch. Now, in stead of seeing your local drives, you’ll immediately see the console directories you just made in the Roms directory.

From here on it’s easy to add network-based ROM files. This trick should also work if you wish to create a portable RetroArch installation on a USB-stick. But I haven’t tested that myself yet.

Hope it worked for you!

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