Cast the screen of a smartphone or PC to a Windows PC

Want to cast a screen to your PC? With the “Connect App” your PC can function as a screen-mirroring receiver, a cool but hidden feature for Windows 10 & 11. You will need something called ‘Miracast’ for this feature. Luckily most modern devices support it and the app will tell you if your device doesn’t. So it’s worth a shot.

Why would I want to cast a screen to a windows PC?

There’s plenty of reasons to cast a screen via the network to a windows PC:

  • You have a HTPC (home theatre PC) hooked up behind the TV, and you(r friends or family members) want to show photo’s from their phone or laptop on the big screen.
  • Stream the feed of a Microsoft Hololens 2 or other VR/AR headset to a laptop or screen so others can see what you see.
  • A client or colleague has a defective or no HDMI port and really needs to show a presentation or specific software from his/her computer or smartphone on the big screen.
  • You want to stream music and/or live video from a smartphone over the local network to a specific PC.

How to install and run the ‘Wireless Display’ app in Windows

This guide focuses on Windows 11 (with a video below). This Wireless Display also works in windows 10, but the steps might be slightly different.

  1. Go to Settings (Windows + i) -> Go to Apps and select ‘optional features‘. In this pane, you need to press the ‘view features‘ button.
  2. Here you can find and install the “Wireless Display” feature (+/- 5 or 6 MB)
  3. After it’s done, go back to settings and search for ‘projection settings‘ and click it.
  4. Click the “Launch the connect app to project to this PC” (! If you don’t have Miracast, you won’t see this link but a message in stead…) There are also a few settings here to revise.

When the app is running, your PC can be found/discovered in your local network by smartphones and other PC’s that support screen casting. I strongly suggest to pin the running app to your taskbar once it’s open, since it’s pretty annoying to do step 3 and 4 over and over again.

Now, all you need is to find other PC’s or smartphones to cast to your PC.

How to connect to a wireless display?

  • Windows 11: press Windows + K to cast your screen.
  • Windows 10: Press Windows + P and click the ‘connect to a wireless display’ link in the bottom of the panel
  • Smartphones:
    • Xiaomi: Go to settings and search for ‘Cast’ in the search bar. Next you should see something like “Wireless display”. Tested with my Xiaomi Mi 11.
    • Samsung: Look for something called ‘Smart View‘ in your expanded toggle panel (swipe down twice from top-right to bottom). Tested with Samsung DeX on a Galaxy S10

And your Windows PC with the Wireless display app running (and maybe a smart TV and/or Chromecast) in the same network should show up.

Hope this article helped you out!

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