Convert Switch Roms from .NSZ to .NSP and convert .XCZ to .XCI files

Your Nintendo Switch, Yuzu and/or Ryujinx can’t run compressed .NSZ and .XCZ files. You need to convert them to .NSP or .XCI files first. Luckily I discovered a must-have tool called Switch Army Knife (SAK) which can do just that, and so much more…

Decompress and convert NSZ Roms to NSP, and XCZ roms to XCI

The main feature I needed was to (de)compress .NSZ or .XCZ roms to save on space. This free tool can easily ‘unzip’ and convert .NSZ roms to .NSP files; And convert .XCZ files to .XCI. You can also use it to save storage by compressing your roms.

But Switch Army Knife (SAK) can do pretty much everything you’d want to do with .XCI, .NSP and .NSZ Roms

Switch Army Knife offers Various tools to edit, compress and decompress Switch Rom files
Switch Army Knife Screenshot. As you can see, it couldn’t be easier.

SAK can do a lot with .XCI files:

  • Extract firmware from .XCI files
  • Patch your .XCI to a lower firmware version or update it to a newer
  • Split or merge .XCI files
  • Convert XCI files to .NSP and/or .XCZ

The same goes for .NSP files… SAK can:

  • Patch your .NSP to a lower firmware version or update it to a newer
  • Split or merge .NSP files
  • Convert .NSP files to .NSZ and/or .XCI

Finally it can also extract your Save files from the the eMMC. The fun don’t stop!

How to download and install Switch Army Knife

  1. Download the latest Swiss Army Knife version from Github (or my mirror of version 0.7.14)
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file anywhere you want and run SAK.exe

The software itself is extremely simple to use. You’ll be decompressing .NSZ and .XCZ files in no time. I hope this helped you out! Did you know you can also stream your Switch emulator to your smartphone and play on the go with Parsec? It’s awesome!

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10 thoughts on “Convert Switch Roms from .NSZ to .NSP and convert .XCZ to .XCI files”

  1. Só esqueceu de dizer que o programa precisa do Prod.keys para funcionar em alguams conversões.
    translation: Just forgot to say that the program needs Prod.keys to work in some conversions.

  2. Estou tendo problema em atualizar a rom do Pokemon Violet. Diz que falhou, e aparece como se nao fosse o arquivo do jogo e uptade. mas sao eu baixei do mesmo site, e a rom base esta funcionando no emulador.

    Translation: I’m having trouble updating the Pokemon Violet rom. It says it failed, and it appears as if it wasn’t the game file and update. but i downloaded it from the same site, and the base rom is working on the emulator.

    1. Hi Eduardo! Have you tried installing said update to the NAND memory of the emulator? I believe, in Yuzu, you should see the update in the ROM’s options after the installation. Good luck!

      1. Eu uso o EGG NS. E a rim precisa estar atualizada em um arquivo só. O programa que eu usava não funciona na ROM do Pokémon violet. Eu tenho a ROM base 1.0.0 e a atualização 1.1.0. As duas .NSP mas preciso unir as duas em um arquivo.

        Translation: I use the EGG NS. And the rom needs to be updated in a single file. The program I used doesn’t work on the Pokemon violet ROM. I have base rom 1.0.0 and update 1.1.0. The two .NSP but I need to unite the two in a file.

  3. Thats the error…

    Updating failed D:\Jogos\Emuladores\Roms\Switch\Pokémon Violet [01008F6008C5E800][v131072][US].nsp\Pokemon Violet [01008F6008C5E000][v0].nsp
    Something failed!?
    Is the selected NSP file a game and the NSP the update?

    Needed time 6 seconds.

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