How to setup Parsec: Create your own cloud-gaming system to stream PC games

As casual gamer I was looking for a way to play the games I have installed on my PC on my phone or any other device. Basically, I had to set up a personal cloud-gaming service like GeForce Now or Google Stadia, with my own hardware and without any subscriptions.

I found the perfect solution for this with a small application called Parsec. And even though my PC is definitely nothing too fancy (Intel Core i7 6600K + GTX 1050 Ti), it works fantastic. So any somewhat powerful PC with a decent GPU should be able to handle this.

Sample situations

  • It’s awesome for playing the latest and greatest games on any tablet, ultrabooks without GPU or even a Raspberri Pi, wherever you are, without noise, battery drain or heat.
  • It’s perfect if you want to share a performant PC with family members or even friends or colleagues.
  • I enjoy emulating Nintendo Switch games on my PC, since my kids often keep the switch occupied. Now I can play Switch games on my phone and sit outside in my garden.
  • Sometimes I need to edit & render heavy videos stored on my desktop and/or my NAS, from another device outside my network.

How to set up Parsec

For obvious reasons it works best if your host-PC has a wired connection to the network.

  1. Create a Parsec Account here.
  2. Install Parsec on your Game PC and your smartphone. Scroll down for multiple platforms, there’s even a portable app available!
  3. Open Parsec on your PC and log-in.
    Optional: If you have a recent NVIDIA GPU, I would suggest to open settings and select Decoder: NVIDIA & turn on h.265 – HEVC
  4. Now open Parsec on your Android device, like a phone or tablet.
    Preferebly connected to the same network, but it also works on a remote location or over 4G/5G.

While streaming, I suggest you change the resolution, bandwitdh, and decoder as you please to get the best possible results…

And that’s it! All your games and/or workstation software are now easily accessible on any other device, wherever you are.

Parsec can do even more…

I haven’t tried these features yet, but you can even share your PC with friends through a direct link. One can also host a local game and wait for a friend or random people to join in through the Arcade function… It’s really cool, since you don’t even have to own the game or have it installed. It’s a nice way to play awesome (multiplayer)games for free!

I hope you enjoyed this tip and article, I look forward hearing from your experiences!

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