How to enable RTX Super Resolution to upscale & enhance video quality

Nvidia recently introduced the new “RTX Video Super Resolution” upscale feature for their RTX 3000 & RTX 4000 series GPUs.
However, this feature needs to be manually enabled in the Nvidia control panel. And there’s a good reason for that…

But SHOULD you enable RTX super Resolution?

For now, it only works in the latest Chrome & Edge browsers. I must say the results are impressive when upscaling a 1080p Youtube video on a 4k Oled TV, with my RTX 3060 Ti. However – I immediately noticed my GPU temps jumping up dramatically and fans started spinning at almost maximum levels.

For me it’s pretty clear: this feature requires a lot of power, so I can NOT recommend enabling RTX Super Resolution unless you really, really want/need to.
The benefit does not make up for the wasted energy and heat, the added noise and therefore: reduced lifespan of a GPU.

You can Enable RTX Video Super Resolution like this

  1. Download and install the latest GeForce Game Ready Driver (531.18 WHQL or above) and restart your PC.
  2. Just right-click your desktop and (in Windows 11, click: “Show More Options” and) go to the Nvidia control panel.
  3. go to “Adjust video image settings” and enable the Super Resolution feature under ‘RTX Video Enhancement‘.
Super Resolution RTX Video Enhancement

So what about you? Will you still enable it?

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