Guide: Trade crypto anonymously with a decentralized exchange

One of the strongest aspects of cryptocurrencies are the anonymity and the fact that you are always in control. If you own some Bitcoin, ETH, Usdt or Usdc and wish to trade it without complying to KYC or nation’s regulations, and/or earn an extra income through staking, a DeX (Decentralized Exchange) can help you out.

In this guide we’ll be using, one of the most user-friendly DeX’es powered by the Waves Blockchain.

Step one: create a 100% anonymous crypto wallet in a decentralized exchange

  1. Visit (or if you have a ledger) and fill out a password to create your wallet
  2. Next, copy and save the account address and click continue
  3. Finally, you can choose an account name…

Now you are in the Waves DeX!
Important! The first thing it prompts is to save your Seed Phrase. (If you didn’t catch the prompt: Go to and click on Security. Next, click on ‘Show’ for the Seed Phrase. It will ask you to fill-out your password and type ‘Agree’…). This ‘Seed phrase’ is a list of 15 random words and can be considered as the master key to your wallet. So save it and never share it with anyone, as it can always be used to open your wallet using, even if you lost your username and password.

Step 2: deposit crypto to your account & start trading anonymously

In this example I’ll use USDT, but you can also deposit BTC, USDC, Waves, USDN, EURN and ETH (and many others)

  1. Go to
  2. Depending on the exchange or wallet you use to currently store your USDT, you can choose a way to deposit. Often this will be Ethereum (ERC20), or -if you can use the Binance Smart Chain- use the BSC (BEP20) protocol.
    Just carefully review the withdrawal options in your wallet or exchange. If you are uncertain, try depositing a small amount first. Better safe than sorry.
  3. When you select a deposit method, the deposit address appears on your right side.

After you’ve sent your funds, you can check/wait for it to arrive in your wallet. Once it arrived you are ready to use the exchange.

Optional: buy a little bit of ‘Waves’ and ‘WX’ to fund transactions

Transactions within the Waves Ecosystem usually cost between 0.001 and 0.005 waves UPDATE: This recently changed to 0.1wx in the Waves exchange.

You could pay transactions with USDT, but this is always more expensive. So it’s recommended to go to

Happy trading!

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